King Me

by Sintex Era

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Prod. by K.O. Beatz


released April 23, 2011



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Drifter feat. Fresh Daily

Vs.1 – Sintex Era

You will now consider me the mystic one
During this rhyme, henceforth, you’re at one
with the drums:
not the doldrums or the connundrums or humdrums;
just ones that *BUMP BUMP*
I make the cockiest become mum
and just ogle;
I’m the lump sum of their subtotals.
Alot of rappers aren’t wack as fuck,
matterafact, much are above average, but
something’s just not adding up,
and not matching up…
they’ve got their rhymes all in line; it’s their math that sucks.
I’m not telling em to wrap it up,
but don’t embarrass us, mothafuckaz, BRING YOUR RAPPING UP!!!
And if you’re all about the hip hop,
remember that shitty rappers are a part of hip hop.
They’ve been around since the shit popped;
the term “wack” goes back further than the term “shit’s hot!”.
And let the myth stop
that everything old school was top notch;
alot of shit flopped.
Alot of great masters
had not so great chapters.
Let me illustrate:
Who’s your fav rapper?
Now, name every tape after
their big hit…
…you missed six.
That’s the lesson:
Respect every rapper in the ill or wack spectrum.

Vs.2 – Fresh Daily

It’s time to take em to task
Every time you write rhymes, make it your last
…or write like it.
Props to the like-minded
with a sight like psychics;
Pay no mind to those fakin the jacks.
Rhymes hit like Mike Tyson,
break em like glass
each line is highlighted
Like snakes in the grass,
they like hiding
You rappin bout shakin your ass;
I’m not like em
Why you got your face in a mask?
Ever since I heard Sintex spittin out raps,
seems every sentence makes since that he says on a track.
In a sense, if they wack, we sending em back in an instant;
This is gentleman rap
Ever since we were spinning on our backs
Fuck the system; we bringing em back
If it ain’t hittin, we ain’t givin em jack
Nah, not even the benefit of the doubt
Or a credit
Fuck a critic; watch me edit em OUT!
Track Name: Postal
I woke up, rolled up
to my 9-5 five minutes late and got wrote up
from my boss I wanna choke up,
making CFO bucks
just to fuss about the time I show up.
I get to work at an early time,
cuz I got a date at 8 with a flirty dime
with a perverted mind.
But...shit...I missed it, cuz I had to leave work at 9!
Wednesday, Thursday:
Fuck it then!
Late both days, and two write-ups to rub it in!
They give a fuck when I'm coming in?
but since I work late,
now my flirty date got some other men!
Oh, now it's Friday?!?
Nah, fuck that...IT'S MY DAY!!!
I come in two hours late, looking at my boss sideways,
eyes glazed,
with a slight crazed smile on my face.
And he's quite irate... I wait...
...and then it comes...
"Michael, you're quite late."
I smile (in fact) at this.
I grab his head, still laughing,
as I BASH it against the file cabinet.
I think I heard a crack...
"Was that your skull, Boss?
Well, let me fix it at no cost."
I pull him across the office,
grab a stapler, and (yes)...
...with a *BLAY-KA BLAY-KA*
An hour later,
I'm in a cell, sitting 8 deep;
thinking to myself,
"What a great week."