by Sintex Era

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I feel sober when I binge in a sense,
losing every inch of my sense,
on the fringe of consciousness, with no conscience to comment
every time I've gotta vomit.
My body's my temple; it's kinda haunted,
so it's gotta take what is sliding through my stomach,
take it through the gauntlet,
til I'm waking up with a blazing butt naked slut making juice and omelets.
I start my day with a prayer,
thank the Lord for this girl who came to my lair.
Some would even say I'm a player,
but I'm just a square with racy affairs.
On the brink of another binge;
physical pleasure: I bring like no other men.
Take her to the brink like the government
when it's run by those who think like Republicans.
Then I mix drinks with the buds,
but the legal drug is the missing link in the buzz.
Niggas in the klink for just hustling substances,
when it's the shrinks with the drugs.
So I go to the psychiatrist like: "I'ma need some Vicodin for my sinuses."
"There's nothing Vicodin does for sinuses!"
...but he prescribes it; stamps it; signs the shit.
Now I'm off to the pharmacist,
running like a thoroughbred broke from its harnesses.
They give me pills like it's harmlessness,
Then I run it back to the cubby;
my new lady friend's smoking grass with her buddies.
Three chicks; backwards, but lovely...
Even the one, who's just a mass full of chubby.
If I wasn't drunk, I'd be shy with them, because I don't even know this girl who invited them.
But I smoke the weed pipe with them, pop the pill bottle, and give them all Vicotins.
Now we're feeling all lethargic,
sinking in the couch, falling on the carpet.
I can't move, I'm caught up in the tar pit,
like the unemployment rate in the jobless market.
My girl gets a thought in her brain,
and lets it be known that she brought some cocaine.
She pulls a bag out, divides five fat lines,
then we take them ALL to the brain.
Now my mind's on the go;
the girls are now giving me some kind of a show:
Getting naked, tying their clothes into knots,
and making some kind of a rope.
The girls make sounds like drums,
then the big girl takes a downright plunge
out the window; rope in her hand.
Then the bookcase fucking broke, and then...damn... (AWW SHIT!)
I hear yelling, and then nothing.
Fucking, this is where the binge ends muffins.


released June 5, 2012
Written by Sintex Era
Produced by 2 Hungry Bros
Recorded at Hella Records Studio
Mixed & Mastered by Alejandro "Sosa" Tello Jr. at Ampliphonic Studios
Cover Design by K.O.Beatz
Check out the video by Hentertainment Media



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