Scarlett Letter​(​s)

by Sintex Era

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Sintex Era, produced by Arkreatek


I be the venomous viper,
nicer than the next writer
I get the listeners hyper
even if I'm calmed down
and I respond with a calm frown,
and wave a solemn palm down
and tell them, "That's enough; it isn't that serious;
stop yelling; I want the kids in back hearing this."
I got styles by the myriads,
lines by the paragraph, and bars by the periods.
I'm kind of odd and mysterious;
kids wanna diss, 'cause their broad's getting curious
Dude. You're but a zero
You're like a ruble, and I'm a euro;
be glad that you found a hero
and you can be my little pupil
Lesson 1: Don't Come To Me With Little Scruples.
I've got a noodle that's equivalent to Mozart's,
with a capacity even bigger than the Ozarks

I'm coming at you with the taboo
that'll tag you with the tattoo
of the S-I-N-Tex; S-I-N-Tex

I be the venomous python
My songs benefit idiots
and kindle dim-witted lights on
I've got a lifelong impetus
to be shitty rich,
getting lifelong increments
of dividends and interest.
In a sense,
my impetus
is quite drawn to the different chicks...
All types!
All sizes; all heights,
from the "tights" to the "alrights",
from the darks to the off-whites;
when I'm feenin,
I'll beat an even number on an odd night.
I'm like Nat King Cole in the 50's;
Jimi Hendrix in the 60's with the hippies;
I'm like Billie Dee Willie in the 70's,
Wilt Chamberlain in his fifties.
I ball a betty better,
then when the next baller get her,
she's marked with an "S" scarlet letter.

You're a "maybe"; a "never definite";
another "stay be"; a "never prevalent".
I'm talking at you like a baby:
"Don't 'F' with this, kid;
leave it to the veterans, dig?"
You little rugrat.
Run along 'til you come along
with your little butt-ass tough raps
I'm not hating; I'M unconventional;
sometimes, I wish I could rhyme one dimensional
But I'm stuck with a stacked brain;
good for the world, but I'm fucked in the rap game
Imagine that?
Intelligence is a handicap with the blacks?
The Man will clap his hands at that
Like, "Good shit! Keep it on that hood shit,
Hoodlums, Crooks; fuck all that book shit!"
I do the craziest nonsense,
but because I use big words, I'm labeled as conscious


released February 1, 2008



all rights reserved


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