Trickle Down

by Sintex

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produced by 2 Hungry Bros


intro ad libs:

Peace to the people with jobs (trickle down)...getting fucked from the inside trickle down). I don't know what to say (trickle down).


When people ask:
What's the haps? news and the facts?
I tell em: I'm chillin. Pursuing these raps to relax,
when I'm not cooning for cash,
trapped in a system that's doomed to collapse
on it's back, beneath its own weight.
But, hey, since I've got a j-o-b, it's OK.
Laboring for people I believe would own slaves,
working these 80 hour weeks with no breaks
just to get gross pay,
and pocket the net of what the Feds don't take.
I get a smaller piece of the peach
than the higher-ups spending all their weeks on the beach.
But it's still sweet...that's why people never speak up;
at least we can put our feet up
two weeks a year and take holidays:
that's 49 work weeks wasted all away.
Meanwhile, the people getting all the pay
never come to work, and when they do, it's five hour days.
They come in and make powerplays,
give us more work, and never talk about a raise.
That always makes the boss anxious,
passing the orders down with harsh language to cause anguish.
Now my night's all vanquished,
working late, while my real life is on languish.
And all of this to get a pay check
to pay to watch an independent artist do a great set,
or pay the reefer man for an 8th of sess,
or pay the bar for shots that I chase with Beck's,
or pay the diner for steak and eggs.
All of this trickled down from overpaid execs.


Trickle down, trickle down
Let it trickle down, trickle down
Let it trickle down, trickle down
Let it trickle down, trickle down
The top 1's on the 1-2's, move for their loot,
Let it trickle down, trickle down
The top 1's on the 1-2's, move for their loot,
Let it trickle down, trickle down


They get tax breaks,
even though they make mad cake;
it's the fat cats' brat ways:
Keep em happy to keep em hiring,
cuz if things go bad, there'll be some firings,
and some layoffs and early retirements.
All of this just so they can keep entitlements
of 6, 7, 8 figures.
I've always wondered why everybody hates niggas?
Instead of people at the top
who get to fuck us over cuz we need to have a job,
gotta feed our kids, need to have a spot,
so we take bullshit from greedy cats alot.
In the recession, their money didn't lessen,
but unemployment's high to teach a little lesson,
If you want to get progression,
then make sure the top 2% is living pleasant.
You overworked little peasant,
the job in itself is a gift and a present.
So keep getting up at 6 or 7;
If you're good, leave work at 6 or 7.
And you'll miss alot of shit, true, but you can call it quits when you're 67.
Free at last: it's a blessing,
but you're still not rich...
When people ask:
What's the haps?
I say, Well, in fact,
I'm here at the bottom, waiting for cash to just...trickle down.



released December 6, 2011
Written by Sintex
Produced By 2 Hungry Bros
Recorded at Hella Records Studio
Mixed & Mastered by Alejandro "Sosa" Tello Jr. at Ampliphonic Studios
Cover Design by K.O.Beatz
Check out the video by Hentertainment Media



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